Meet Jean - jean-kercheval

Hello there!!!

My absolute favorite thing to do is create beautiful portraits for people. I recognize and really see the beauty you show the world, the beauty that you may have forgotten existed, and I will capture that in my camera to show back to you.

Typical comments I hear before the photo shoot: 

"I'm not very photogenic" or "I hate having my picture taken"

Don't worry!  It's MY job to guide you (painlessly) through the entire photo shoot and help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I promise that my photo shoots are fun and easy, and that you'll end up with beautiful pictures of yourself.

Typical comments I hear after the photo shoot:

"That was fun! Thank you so much!", "Hey, that was easy", and "I cannot wait to see the pictures!"

I want to help you exist today in photos, for you children, for your loved ones and especially for yourself.

I can't wait to photograph you.

Fun facts about Jean:

- Married for 30  years! Ack!

- Mother of three humans and 2 goldendoodle doggies

- Tree hugger

- Seattle native, UW three times over graduate, including a photography certification

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