Hello there!!!

I don't mean to monopolize the conversation, but can we discuss my fave topics? Personal branding and women's portraiture!

First, I absolutely love to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs to help them become more visible in the world and to help them uplevel both their business and personal selves so that they are proud of how they look in pictures .

Everyone must have good imagery these days in order to radiate their specific message in the increasingly cluttered online world. Also, in both my personal branding shoots and in portraiture, closely related, I recognize and really see the beauty you show the world, the beauty that you may have forgotten existed, and I will capture that in my camera to show back to you.

Typical comments I hear before our  photo shoots: 

"I'm not very photogenic" or "I hate having my picture taken"

Don't worry!  It's MY job to guide you (painlessly) through the entire photo shoot and help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I promise that our  photo shoots are fun and easy, and that you'll end up with amazing  pictures of yourself.

Typical comments I hear after the photo shoot:

"That was fun! Thank you so much!", "Hey, that was easy", and "I cannot wait to see the pictures!"

We all need to become present in the online world, to radiate our specific message to attract our ideal client. Our clients want to see the face behind the business, and you need to increase your know, like and trust factor.

Also, there is an incredible need for women's portraiture. Where are the pictures of us, Ladies? We're always the ones taking the pictures. It's about time that we were the ones in front of the lens - we deserve it and our families and loved ones also deserve those beautiful pictures of us.

I can't wait to photograph you.

Fun facts about Jean:

    - Married for 33  years! Ack!

    - Mother of three humans and 2 goldendoodle doggies

    - Tree hugger. You should see the tree in front of my studio!

    - Seattle native, UW three times over graduate, including a photography certification

    - Founder of the Quarter Life Crisis Project

    - Published in multiple magazines for portrait and  fashion editorials

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